Category: Ski bumming in Georgia

A winter spent in Gudauri, Georgia, teaching kids how to ski and shredding gnar.

Skiing in Armenia

Tsakhkadzor, Armenia. 7 March, 2017.     Tsakhkadzor is Armenia’s biggest and least impressive ski resort. With 4×2-person fixed-line lifts and one non-functional 4-seater, the resort cannot handle large crowds, but that’s okay, because there’s no reason why a lot of people would want to go there. The slopes range from so flat that you have to walk instead of…

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Hitchhiking in Georgia

    This post is a supplement to what I wrote for Journal of Nomads about police assistance while hitchhiking in Georgia. Check it out!   Georgia is a country not quite like anywhere else in the world. This goes for everything – food, language, culture, as well as hitchhiking. Hitchhiking in Georgia is an exciting experience and a unique…

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The Legend of Shishveli Kali

. Once upon a time, in the far away village of Gomi, Georgia, lived the one and only Shishveli Kali. Some recounts describe Shishveli Kali as a violent monster, others as a reclusive hermit, and yet others claim that she is simply an adamant nudist crying out for a friend in an oppressive society. Only one thing is certain: Shishveli…

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Adventure Travel Interview

This interview was given to me by Sanja, Nina, and Naomi as a project for their tourism class. They contacted me via couchsurfing and asked if I would answer some questions for them. It was a great way to reflect on my thirst for adventure, so I’m posting it here for the world to see, understand, and get inspired.     General questions   Could you…

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First Impressions from Gudauri

I stumbled across the border into Georgia without a clue what I was getting myself into or how to even get to Gudauri, the resort town in the Caucasus Mountains in northeast Georgia, where I was going to be a ski instructor for the winter. I’m not talking about Atlanta, I’m talking about the former Soviet Georgia, the unique country…

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