Category: Local Legends

The Legend of Shishveli Kali

. Once upon a time, in the far away village of Gomi, Georgia, lived the one and only Shishveli Kali. Some recounts describe Shishveli Kali as a violent monster, others as a reclusive hermit, and yet others claim that she is simply an adamant nudist crying out for a friend in an oppressive society. Only one thing is certain: Shishveli…

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The Life of a Trimmigrant

. While hitchhiking around Northern California and Southern Oregon recently, I encountered dozens of nomads thumbing rides on Highway 101, pitching tents under bridges or parking their vans in unused parking lots for the night, cooking organic vegan food on propane stoves, and wandering around towns with small scissors hanging from their backpacks. Dubbed by the locals as “trimmigrants”, these…

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