Bucket List

Bucket List / Life Goals:


☐ Go to space

☐ Go diving in Antarctica

✓ Live in a place where it’s possible to ski from the back porch  Completed January 2017, Gudauri, Georgia

☐ Climb a 7,000+ mountain

✓ Learn kite surfing  Completed July 2016, Datca, Turkey

☐ Windsurf from one country to another

✓ Discover an island  Completed June 2016, Big Whale Island, Delaware

☐ First ski descent on a mountain

☐ Ski bum for two back-to-back seasons (Northern and Southern hemispheres)

☐ Inspire other people to prioritize travel, self-discovery, and adventure while they’re young

✓ Hitchhike 25,000 miles  Completed 2017, The World

☐ Learn how to paraglide

☐ Learn Russian and travel in Siberia

☐ Work as a dive master in the Indo-Pacific

☐ See a polar bear in Svalbard

☐ Life self-sufficiently (off-grid, produce my own food)

☐ Milk a yak

☐ Sky dive solo

☐ Live in a van for a ski season

☐ Adopt a puppy in that van

☐ Go ski touring with that puppy

☐ Make my own cheese and craft beer at home

☐ Be a more patient person

☐ Go to grad school in another country

☐ Learn speed riding

☐ Hitchhike an airplane

☐ Fly an airplane

☐ Go back to Temple Crag

☐ Go to Burning Man

☐ Ride a horse across Mongolia

☐ Live freely and independently

☐ Reduce my reliance on material goods/money as sources of (temporary) happiness even more

☐ Learn how to cook more food from around the world well

☐ Help other people discover opportunities they never knew existed

☐ Light a fart

☐ Write a book


These are in no particular order. Any suggestions are welcome!