Buy a new toy and you’ll smile for a day, learn to ski and you’ll smile for a lifetime! 

We live by the philosophy that experiences are what create the most happiness in life, and we’re here to give you the knowledge and ability to create your own ski experiences for the rest of your life.

Our passion is skiing, and there’s nothing in the world that gives us greater joy than enabling others to enjoy doing what we love most. With dedicated ski instructors from the US and Canada, we guarantee you a fun, safe, and unforgettable experience in a language you understand. You’ll find it much easier to learn skiing with a native speaker who can fluently articulate exactly how to adjust your center of gravity in order to direct the force vector of your skis and increase your friction against the snow surface (don’t worry, non-physicists, we adapt our teaching method to each and every skier’s learning style). For those learning English, think of it as an English lesson and a ski lesson in one!




Originally from Grinnell, Iowa, USA, Taylor learned to ski with his family in Taos, New Mexico. He later became an active member in the Claremont Colleges’ ski club, where he organized and led ski trips to the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Analysis, he completed an internship in Germany in which he discovered far greater passion for skiing than for lab work, and has been traveling to far away mountain ranges ever since. His travels have led him to Gudauri for three years in a row, where he found his calling teaching skiing and can normally be found with skis for feet, a smile on his face, and a beard full of snow. Taylor has experience successfully teaching skiers of all ages from 2-72, and takes great pride in instilling a love for snow sports and mountain ecosystems in his students. He has Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 as well as First Aid and CPR.


Melody is from the Golden State of California. She began skiing in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. Her love for the mountains and sports has taken her all over the world. She has skied in Austria, Germany, all across the USA and western Canada, and spent two seasons volunteering as a ski instructor for VASS in Vancouver. In the summer of 2017, Melody first came to Georgia as a volunteer for the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) in Mestia, helping to build a major hiking trail alongside local Georgians. Thanks to this recent inspiration, she is traveling again from beautiful British Columbia, Canada, to the majestic Georgian Caucasus looking forward to powder days. Melody is excited to offer you a safe and friendly environment in which to learn, have fun, and get more stoked about skiing! She has training in Avalanche Safety Training Level 2 and Wilderness First Aid. Melody can also be found backcountry ski touring, heli skiing, teaching English (ESL), rock climbing and slacklining.


Tyler hails from Salt Lake City, Utah where he learned about the joys of mountains and powder skiing. A long-time ski resort employee, he graduated with a degree in Economics/IR with a specialization in the Turkish language. Having visited Georgia several times over the years and fallen in love with the country, he’s now back and excited for his first winter season exploring his favorite place, finding adventures and fun with many new friends. Tyler loves to share his love of the mountains and wilderness with others, especially those who are new. He hopes to provide fun, safe, and educational experiences for anyone wanting to step out and start exploring. Tyler’s interests include backcountry skiing, trail running, rock climbing and petting dogs. He is certified in CPR and is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), as well as having obtained an eclectic mix of avalanche training.

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 12 reviews
by Phil Brook on Ski TBF
5 star ski instrutor

If you are looking for a fluent English speaking Ski instructor with a friendly attitude look no further than Taylor Beckwith-Ferguson. At 50 years of age I have little ski experience, so my wife and I booked Taylor during our trip to Gudauri. Taylor is a great instructor, patient, friendly, and extremely experienced. He had me skiing down the green slopes in no time and after two days’ instruction I was heading out on my own. Not only can he help older folk like me he is great with children of all ages and more experienced skier. Taylor was a font of knowledge helping with ski hire and advice on the village life. He provided a 5-star service, I would definitely recommend you book Taylor for your ski instruction.

by Kelsey C on Ski TBF

My friend and I had two days lessons with Taylor during our trip to Gudauri and it was definitely the best decision! Taylor is perfect for us. He is exceptionally patient, skillful, chill,and did I mention the part that he is native English speaker which made the difference? My first ski experience was amazing thanks to Taylor and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for an English speaking ski coach with great patient, and you are all set to have a lot of fun skiing! [review from]

by krsny on Ski TBF

Taylor is great. Very patient and knows skiing inside and out. He packed a lot of helpful instruction into a relatively short amount of time. It's rare to find someone who knows as much as he does and also is really into teaching. [Review from]

by tanchiewhua on Ski TBF

Skiing with Taylor was awesome. We were in Gudauri for 2 days and had a few hours of lesson with Taylor. It was our first time and definitely will not be our last !!! If you are planning a trip to Georgia do not forget to include skiing with Taylor in your itinerary. I am no trip advisor but i will say this is the top #1 thing to do in Georgia 🙂 [review from]

by marisap on Ski TBF

I want to highly recommend Taylor Beckwith as a ski instructor! I would ski with him any day and recommend him for any ski level, from beginning to advanced. He has been amazing with my daughter, who is just 2 years and 2 months old! I didn't think she would last 10 minutes in skis the first time, with the heavy boots and the cold and interacting with a stranger. But she absolutely loved Taylor and after the hour was up, wanted to keep going! He has begun teaching her the basics but most importantly, given her a great first impression of and love for the sport. Every day I hear, "I want to ski with Mr Taylor, go FAST!" It's music to my ears. [review from]

by yschulman on Ski TBF

Taylor was an awesome instructor who was able to teach three of my children to ski well and to love the sport. Endless patience and extremely encouraging - I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great english-speaking instructor [review from]

by Chris Hara on Ski TBF

Taylor was a great instructor -- especially because I was a pure beginner! He has patience, and does an excellent job at breaking down every single step. Pizza and french fries! Oh, and he's a native English speaker, which really does help when picking up something as challenging as skiing.

by Ciara on Ski TBF
A Wonderful Instructor

Taylor was a kind and patient instructor for our group. He is a wonderful instructor and guide for skiers of all levels. Durin our lesson, he always ensured that we were safe while also encouraging us to test our new skills. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, patient, and above all fun instructor for all levels!

by Shamenna on Ski TBF
Great for kids

My kids love Taylor. They took about 8 hours from him of ski lessons. They are doing great and talk abou Taylor non stop.

by Tamta on Ski TBF
Great experience with Taylor!

The best thing about Taylor as an instructor isn't the fact that he has a plethora of experience under his belt, or that he is very skilled at what he does, but rather it's the fact that he is extremely patient with absolute beginners.It was my first time even putting on the skis, but Taylor's dedicated patience helped me go from newborn baby calf with skis to an excited bunny-hill enthusiast within an hour.If you want a patient, skilled, and above all - dedicated instructor who can easily become your friend as well, Taylor is the right match.

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